French Catholic Nun, the World’s Oldest Person

The French nun, 118 years old, shared her recipe for a happy life.

France – Toulon (26/04/2022 16:34, Gaudium Press) Sister Andrée Randon has become the world’s eldest woman following the death of Japan’s Kane Tanaka, who died on Monday,  April 25, at the age of 119.

Conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism

Lucile Randon was born on February 11, 1904, in the French city of Alés. At the age of 19, she abandoned Protestantism and converted to Catholicism. Lucile then began to attend to children and elderly people in a French hospital until she became a nun at the age of 40. She joined the Daughters of Charity, where she took the name Andrée.

Sister Andrée not afraid of death

Seventy-six years later, Sister Andrée moved to Toulon, in the south of France, where she currently resides in the Sainte Catherine Labouré retirement home. When asked about death, the religious affirmed that she is not afraid of dying.

Recipe for a happy life

In 2019, on her 115th birthday, Sister Andrée Randon received a card and a rosary blessed by Pope Francis, which she uses every day. On her 116th birthday, the Vincentian nun shared her “recipe for a happy life”: prayer and a cup of hot chocolate every day. (EPC)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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