France: Sacred Art Exhibit is taking place in Lille

An exhibit of liturgical objects used in ancient processions of the city takes place in the church of Saint Andrew.

Newsroom (10/09/2021 04:00, Gaudium Press) An exhibition of Sacred art is taking place in the northern French city of Lille. The event concludes on September 19.
The event is organized by the “Friends of the Bell Beakers of Old Lille” (Amis des Clochers du Vieux-Lille), displaying artistic and liturgical treasures of the churches of St. Andrew and St. Catherine.

The exhibition showcases textiles, liturgical vestments, processional flags, tabernacles, and processional objects.

During the exhibition period, visitors are also offered guided tours, embroidery workshops, and lectures. Two online apps enhance the experience.

Lille: a past of processions and artistic fervor

For centuries, Lille was known for its major religious festivals. All social levels and professions were gathered around religious festivals, as illustrated in “The Procession of Lille in 1789″, the famous painting by François Watteau (1758-1823).

Indeed, the Sacred Art exhibition is a testimony of the popular enthusiasm of centuries past, visible in the quality and splendour of processional elements. (FM)

With information from Les Amis des Clochers du Vieux Lille.

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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