France: Practicing Muslims are more Numerous Than Catholics

Important data were provided by the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies.

Newsroom (22/04/2023 18:52, Gaudium Press) The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies of France (INSEE) reveals that although Catholicism remains the first religion professed by the French, the percentage of Catholics is very low, only 29% of the population.

On the other hand, the number of Muslims is growing, confirming that they are the second religion in France, representing 10% of the population. The number of people declaring themselves to be of another Christian affiliation has increased, reaching 9% of the population.

There is also an increase in the number of people who say they have no religious affiliation, which is 58% of those with no migratory ancestry, 19% of immigrants who arrived aged 16 or older, and 26% of the descendants of two immigrant parents. France seems to be a ‘factory’ for creating non-religious people.

Religious practice

It is one thing to claim to be of a religion, but it is quite another to attend places of worship. Thus, only 8% of Catholics regularly attend church, compared to just over 20% of other Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and 34% of Jews.

The consequence of these figures is that today in France, in absolute terms, more Muslims attend places of worship than Catholics.

The statistics on the transmission of faith also favor the expansion of Islam in the country of Saint Louis the King: 91% of people raised in a Muslim family follow the religion of their parents. This is the same for 84% of Jews, 67% of Catholics, and 69% of other Christians.

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Compiled Dominic Joseph

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