Cuban Regime Arrests Demonstrators, Renews Repression

The people of Nuevitas, in the province of Camagüey – Cuba, couldn’t take it anymore. And they came out to protest against inflation, shortages of food, medicine…

Newsroom (01/09/2022 9:00 PM, Gaudium Press) The script is unfortunately already known. The people of Nuevitas, in the province of Camagüey – Cuba, couldn’t take it anymore and decided to protest against inflation, lack of food, medicine, power cuts of up to 18 hours a day, the impossibility to express themselves freely.

But there it was, the socialist regime – the socialism not of the 21st century, but of the 20th century – with antiquated roots and in the end the same as always, ready to impose violent repression, which it went on to execute without the consideration that characterizes it.

Since last August 19, the Cuban regime has repressed these protests for several days.

The NGO Justicia 11J reported “forced disappearances, arrests, and new acts of censorship and repression.”

“Our numbers come to 18 detainees (including two 11-year-old girls), plus two new forced disappearances. At the time of publishing this update, Nuevitas Park is completely militarized,” the NGO reported on August 24.

In relation to these events, and in a gesture that never fails to show courage in an environment like that of the prison-island, the Conference of Religious Men and Women of Cuba (CONCUR) expressed its solidarity with the protesters and detainees on its Facebook account.

“We regret that persecution and imprisonment is the only response they have received,” CONCUR said in a statement.

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CONCUR also expressed that as a Church, “we offer once again to accompany the detained persons and their families.”

“We ask the good God, Father of all, and Our Lady of Charity to protect and guide all our people along the paths of freedom, justice and peace,” it concluded.

With information from CNA

Compiled by Teresa Joseph


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