Byzantine-Era Mosaic Discovered in Palestine

A Palestinian farmer discovered a mosaic from the Byzantine era while planting trees in his garden. 

Newsroom (11/10/2022 7:48 PM, Gaudium Press) A Gaza Strip farmer and his son has discovered a mosaic dating back to the time between the 5th and 7th century.

The farmer, Salmane al-Nabahin, and his son were planting trees in their garden when, in between shovel strokes, they discovered a mosaic dating back to the Byzantine period.

The Minister announced the find of Tourism and Antiquities of the Palestinian Territories. The surface of the archaeological find is approximately 25-30m² and is located in a Palestinian refugee camp.

The mosaic depicts a wide variety of animals: birds, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and goats, as well as fruits and different vegetation. Another part of the mosaic shows geometric figures and various arabesques. Other ceramic objects and walls were also found, the minister announced.

The archaeologist and researcher, René Elter, associated with the French School of Bible and Archaeology in Jerusalem, said that the mosaic is exceptional and that it is in a perfect state of conservation.

The archaeological discovery will be studied to determine the date and whether it was designed for a religious or profane context. However, Elter warned about the risks that the recent discovery runs because of its proximity to the border with Israel.

After all, the mosaic site is very close to the border with Israel and is exposed to violent clashes between Israelis and Palestinians. (FM)

Compiled by Dominic Joseph


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