Blood of St. Gennaro Liquefied Again at Naples Cathedral

The miracle usually occurs annually on three occasions: on the first Sunday of May, on the feast of Saint Gennaro, on September 19, and on December 16.

Naples, Italy (09/19/2023 16:41, Gaudium Press) One of the most famous miracles in the Catholic Church repeated itself this Tuesday, the 19th: the blood of San Gennaro liquefied in the Italian cathedral of Naples. This important and anticipated event has been happening since the year 1389.

A display of fidelity to Christ

During the miracle, the Archbishop of Naples, Domenico Battaglia, transferred the reliquary containing the blood of Saint Gennaro from the treasure chapel to the main altar of the cathedral. There, the prelate celebrated a Holy Mass.

In his homily, Arch. Battaglia exhorted the faithful to cultivate justice and peace, making Naples a place of life and forgiveness. The Italian Archbishop emphasized that the liquefaction of the Blood of Saint Gennaro is “a display of his fidelity to Christ.”

The miracle usually occurs three times a year

Normally, the miracle usually occurs annually on three occasions: on the first Sunday of May, on the feast of Saint Gennaro celebrated on September 19, and on December 16, when the miracle produced by the intercession of the Saint, which prevented a catastrophe after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1631, is remembered.

Annually, on these three dates, the reliquary is displayed to the faithful who gather to check if the miracle has occurred. Despite not having received official recognition from the Church, the miracle is known and accepted locally.

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When the blood does not liquefy, the inhabitants of Naples interpret it as a warning that some disaster may occur, and for this reason, they are invited to pray penitential prayers, such as the psalm “Miserere,” asking for forgiveness from God for their sins committed. (EPC)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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