Eucharistic Miracle in Poland Approved by Bishop


Legnica , Poland (Wednesday, April 20,2016, Gaudium Press) In Poland, a bleeding host has been proved to be human cardiac tissue, as it was announced by Bishop Zbigniew Kiernikowski, of the Diocese of Legnica:Eucaristia.jpg

“On 25th December, 2013 during the distribution of the Holy Communion, a consecrated Host fell to the floor and then was picked up and placed in a water-filled container (vasculum). Soon after, stains of the red color appeared. The former Bishop of Legnica, Stefan Cichy, set up a commission to observe the phenomenon. In February 2014, a tiny red fragment of the Host was separated and put on a corporal. The Commission ordered to take samples in order to conduct the thorough tests by the relevant research institutes.

In the final announcement of the Department of Forensic Medicine we read as follows:

In the histopathological image, the fragments of tissue have been found containing the fragmented parts of the cross striated muscle. (…) The whole (…) is most similar to the heart muscle with alterations that often appear during the agony. The genetic researches indicate the human origin of the tissue.

In January this year I presented the whole matter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican. Today, according to the recommendations of the Holy See, I ordered the parish vicar Andrzej Ziombro to prepare a suitable place for a display of the Relic so that the faithful could give it the proper adoration.”

A wonderful gift for Poland and for the many pilgrims who will be heading to Poland this year, the Year of Mercy.

Source Aleteia

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