Turkish hackers claim responsibility for cyber attack on Vatican website


Rome, Italy (Wednesday, 04-15-2015, Gaudium Press) Access to the main Vatican website, vatican.va, was blocked twice in the space of 24 hours following the diplomatic tensions over the Armenian genocide. Although no official confirmation has been given yet, the Vatican website has been targeted by Turkish hackers. Mauro Piaanta, from Vatican Insider reports.Turkish hackers claim responsibility for cyber attack on Vatican website.jpg

The wesbite was hacked in the night between Monday and Tuesday, after the Pope’s address on the Armenian genocide. The cyber attack was carried out by a group that calls itself THTHerakles and is apparently based in London. The website www.vatican.va was offline for several hours as a result of the attack, until the problem was solved yesterday morning. But this afternoon it was offline again.
A tweet written in Turkish on the group’s Twitter page reads: “You should have defended your website as much as you defended Armenians dear Pope. 
The anonymous cyber pirates announced that they will continue attacking the Vatican website if the Holy See does not issue a public apology for its stance on the Armenian genocide.

From Vatican Insider


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