Families in Rome will participate of the "March of the Saints"

Rome (Wednesday, 10/29/2014, Gaudium Press) A special event will take place in the Eternal City on November 1, when the Catholic Church commemorates the Feast of All Saints. Children, youth and adults, carrying signs with messages of the Gospel and sayings of saints, will participate in the “March of the Saints”.

March of the Saints2.jpg
The March will end at St Peter’s Square where Pope Francis will
preside the Angelus./Photo: Gaudium Press

Organized by L’Associazione “Famiglia Piccola Chiesa” – Movimento dell’Amore Familiare, (the Association “Family little Church – Movement of the Family Love”), the march will take place for the first time in Rome with the aim of upholding the beauty of the Catholic faith, and to remind all baptized people that they are invited to holiness. “It’s a new and important initiative. Is the first “March of the Saints” in Rome and its purpose is to remind the good things our Saints March of the Saints.jpghad brought to mankind, showing us the path and the glory of Paradise”, explained Fr. Stefano Tardani, founder of the Movement in an interview with the Radio Vaticano.

In the Diocesan newspaper RomaSette.it, Fr.Tardani explained that the event “won’t be just a colored clothing parade, but a concrete manifestation of the appreciation for the good things that the saints have done to mankind; for their example given by their lives (…) showing the world that there is an inner dimension for each one of us that needs to be reminded”.

Fr.Tardani also mentioned that the march intends to be “a sign of hope for the family and an incentive for our future”, especially for those families that suffering in all possible ways.

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Previously, the Parishes of Rome will gather in prayer, on October 31st, to celebrate the vigil of the Solemnity of All Saints. “The vigil of All the Saints intends to open the hearts, especially of the children, to the light, the kindness and the beauty, with the hope of building a better world” said Fr.Tardani to the Vatican Radio.

Archbishop Oscar Rizzato, from Viruno, will be present for this event.

With information from the Vatican Radio and RomaSette.it

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