World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 dates announced


Created in 1985 by St. John Paul II, World Youth Day consists of a gathering of thousands of young Catholics from various dioceses around the world.

Newsroom – Portugal – Lisbon (October 5, 2021 6:20 PM, Gaudium Press) The organizers of World Youth Day (WYD) Lisbon 2023 have released the dates of the event through their official Twitter account. The youth gathering will take place from August 1 to 6, 2023.

A very important moment

The patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal Manuel Clemente said that this is “a very important moment for everyone. Young people from around the world have long wanted to know the date of WYD Lisbon 2023 in order to prepare in greater detail for their coming to Lisbon.”

Currently, about 400 volunteers, mostly Portuguese, are participating in the preparations for WYD. In addition, in each of the 21 dioceses in Portugal, there are also local organizing committees.

History of the World Youth Day

Created in 1985 by Saint John Paul II, World Youth Day consists of a meeting of thousands of young Catholics from different dioceses around the world. These events take place every two to three years, and each time the Pope chooses a new country to host the event.

The first edition took place in 1986, in Rome, and the other editions of WYD have been held in the following cities: Buenos Aires (1987), Santiago de Compostela (1989), Czestochowa (1991), Denver (1993), Manila (1995), Paris (1997), Rome (2000), Toronto (2002), Cologne (2005), Sydney (2008), Madrid (2011), Rio de Janeiro (2013), Krakow (2016) and Panama (2019). (EPC)

Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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