What was the greatest treasure ever discovered?


Men and women spent their lives searching for treasures of great value, but one lady knew how to find the greatest treasure on the face of the earth. This “discovery” made history…

Newsroom (Sept 16, 2021 09:55, Gaudium Press) For the first time in the Roman Empire, in the year 326 A.D., Christianity was a free religion, thanks to the prayers and influence of the Emperor Constantine’s Mother: Augusta Helena. After tireless efforts for the liberation and expansion of the true Faith, the pious Empress, already in her eighties, headed to Jerusalem in search of the greatest treasure on earth. For months, great excavations were being made throughout the Holy City, but due to time and war, the location of the treasure could not be found on maps, nor even in memories. Faced with this apparent failure, Helena – by divine inspiration – ordered a dig to be made at the site of the ruins of the Temple of Venus, realizing that it had been erected by the pagans on Mount Calvary in order to erase from human hearts the memory of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What did this Holy Empress seek? Great was St. Helena’s boldness, for she was looking for The Relic of Relics: the Holy Cross, the instrument of our redemption. Immense was the joy when they discovered the Holy Sepulcher and… the Cross! In fact, they found not just one cross, but three crosses… How to know which was the real one?

At a time when mankind had not yet made remarkable progress in the field of science, the bishop of Jerusalem, Saint Macarius, came up with a way out that was much simpler and more effective than any chemical test: faith. He then ordered the three crosses to be taken to the house of a woman who had been ill for a long time and was on the point of fainting. God always rewards men of faith: when she touched the last of the three crosses – a miracle! – she was entirely healed!

The Holy Cross exalted

Then, under the direction of St. Helena, construction began on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the same spot, which was completed seven years later, on September 14, and gave rise to the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which we celebrated this week.

Saint Helen found the greatest treasure that could exist on the face of the earth: the Holy Cross wood, the altar of the immolation of the Lamb and the instrument of our Redemption! Entering eternity that same year, Saint Helena, the lady who dedicated her life for the glory of the Crucified One, was united with the One who is the Treasure of treasures and who, for love of mankind, died on the Holy Cross: Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Would that all men would seek this Treasure in the same way that they turn their desires and attention to so many other ephemeral things of this world. Saint Helen showed us the way: per Crucem ad Lucem! It is a matter of each one seeking this cross within himself, fighting as she fought, for in this way he will triumph as she triumphed!

Por Marcus Yip

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