What does Pope Francis Recommend to Pro-Abortion Politicians?

In an interview with two Mexican journalists, Pope Francis said he only considers resignation “if I see that I cannot, that I harm or am a hindrance.”

Newsroom (16/07/2022, 7:30 PM, Gaudium Press) Pope Francis addressed several topics in his recent interview, the last in a series, this time with Mexican journalists Valentina Alazraki and María Antonieta Collins, broadcast by the TelevisaUnivisión group.

In line with his latest references to the subject, he declared: “At the moment, I have no intention of resigning. That has never occurred to me. I don’t feel that the Lord is asking me to. When he asks me to, yes.” In this case, he would like to manifest “the strength of Benedict XVI’s example” when he made that decision, which would be in the case “if I see that I cannot, that I harm or am a hindrance.” He also referred to the need to regulate the status of emeritus popes if this situation continues to arise in the future: “Things will have to be more defined, they must be more explicit.” He praised Benedict XVI’s discretion in these circumstances.

He made it clear that if he became pope emeritus, he will not remain in the Vatican, “no way,” and said that he would prefer to be called simply the bishop of Rome and that he would like to hear confessions and visit the sick.

The question of communion for abortionist Catholic politicians

“Let them talk to their pastor about this incoherence”: this is what Francis recommended to Catholic politicians who insist on receiving communion despite their militancy against Church doctrine on this point. He recalled some scientific data showing that in the unborn child there is a human life. And on Joe Biden’s specific access to sacramental communion, he said he “leaves” it to his “conscience,” which should be clarified by his pastor (bishop) according to the above recommendation.

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About the health of his knee, he said it “hurts a little,” but he can walk.

Compiled by Sarah Gangl

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