The Lateran Palace, Former Papal Residence, Now Open to Visitors

The Palace comprises three thousand square meters (ca 32,000 sqft). Visits start on December 13, and the venue can receive groups of up to 30 people per visit.

Vatican City (08/12/2021 10:45 AM, Gaudium Press) For centuries, the Lateran Palace was the official residence of the Popes. After renovations, it will open its doors to visitors, starting December 13. The venue can receive groups of up to 30 people per visit.

A renewal suggested by the Pope

The Palace comprises three thousand square meters (ca 32,000 sqft) including ten rooms such as the papal apartment, the private chapel, the monumental staircase that leads directly to the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, and the table where the Lateran Treaties were signed.

The renewal of the site had been suggested by the Pope through a letter, dated February 20, addressed to Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis. The Pontiff noted that the Palace is a significant place and reaffirmed the commitment of the Church over the centuries to witness to the Faith through art.

“… a real sin not to open it to the public”

Cardinal De Donatis, in turn, stressed that he is “fully aware of the profound significance of this place and it would be an absolute sin not to open it to the public, because such a great good must be shared, must be offered to others.”

According to the Prelate, “John XIII was very attached to this place, and would even like to live there. Pope Francis, for some time now, has been signing all his documents from the Lateran” to emphasize the connection between the Palace and the chair of the bishop of Rome.

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Missionary Sisters of Divine Revelation

The Missionary Sisters of Divine Revelation, who tend to the Pilgrims and visitors of this most relevant Roman location, for years have offered itineraries of art and Faith in Rome, live as “a great privilege and a great honour” –Cardinal De Donatis pointed out, witnessing this service of evangelization through art.

“Visiting the Lateran Palace,” the religious sisters assert, “will be an exciting journey through the pages of the history of the Church, where art and faith are interwoven in a luminous fecundity that manages to transmit charm, wisdom and beauty to the various generations.” (EPC)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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