Sri Lanka: Priest promotes Eucharistic Procession for the end of the Pandemic

The Procession took place in Sri Lanka, a country where worship places remain closed, and the faithful can only watch religious ceremonies through the internet.

Sri Lanka Weliweriya (30/06/2021 4:24 PM, Gaudium Press) Fr. Roshan Fernando, Pastor of St. Anthony’s Church in Weliweriya, Sri Lanka, led a Eucharistic procession through the streets of the town, imploring God for protection against the pandemic still raging in the country.

The faithful waited at the door of their homes

The act took place last Sunday, June 27, at a time when places of worship remain closed. “Because of the Covid-19 situation, the Holy Eucharist went out into the streets of our villages seeking blessings for the whole country,” explained the priest.

The faithful waited at the door of their homes for the passage of the procession with the Blessed Sacrament and prayed while Fr. Fernando blessed them. Many Catholic temples are holding morning and evening prayer services through loudspeakers so that the faithful can participate.

Masses and ceremonies broadcast on social networks

This year’s Catholic festivals were broadcast live on social media. The faithful participated in the celebration of Holy Masses and other festivities from their homes.

“Since there are no other options at this time, we hope to start online Sunday schools. Catholic schools have started classes to help children who wish to receive their first communion,” explained Mary De Silva, a member of the Legion of Mary. (EPC)

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