Rupnik’s Continual Travels are a Transgression of Restrictions, Jesuit Superior says

Jesuit priest Father Marko Rupnik, continues to travel and carry out art projects despite restrictions imposed by the Society of Jesus.

Newsroom(13/06/2023 20:30Gaudium Press Father Marko Rupnik, a Jesuit priest and artist, who has been accused of physically and psychologically abusing numerous nuns, is reportedly defying restrictions imposed by the Society of Jesus. Despite being subjected to measures by his order, recent reports indicate that Father Rupnik has been travelling and engaging in art projects, raising concerns about his compliance with the imposed limitations.

According to the Italian newspaper Domani, Father Rupnik, who was previously excommunicated for absolving an accomplice of a sin against the Sixth Commandment in confession, travelled to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hvar Island in Croatia in June for art-related projects. These travels have been deemed a serious breach of the restrictive measures placed upon him.

During his reported visit to Mostar, Father Rupnik was a guest of the Franciscan Order, involved in the renovation of the church of the Friars Minor of St. Peter and St. Paul. The Aletti Center, an art school founded by Father Rupnik in Rome, was responsible for the decoration of the vault and walls with frescoes and a large mosaic spanning over 7,500 square feet. He reportedly also travelled to Hvar Island to explore potential restoration work at the bishop’s residence chapel, following a request from Bishop Ranko Vidović.

Father Johan Verschueren, the superior of Father Rupnik and delegate for the Jesuits’ Interprovincial Houses and Works in Rome, confirmed that these travels represent a severe transgression of the imposed restrictions. In January, Father Rupnik was asked not to leave central Italy to be available for ongoing preliminary investigations. Furthermore, since February, he has been prohibited from engaging in any public artistic work, particularly in relation to religious structures. Despite these restrictions, he has previously been observed participating in public Masses and serving as a moderator for a thesis presentation.

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The actions of Father Rupnik raise concerns about his compliance with the restrictions imposed upon him by the Society of Jesus. The alleged transgressions, including unauthorized travels and engagement in public artistic endeavours, contradict the limitations set by his superiors. The allegations of abuse against Father Rupnik and his reported non-compliance with the imposed restrictions continue to raise questions regarding accountability and appropriate action within the Catholic Church.

  • Raju Hasmukh with files from CNA

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