Pope meets with Nuncio Yllana: suspicions grow over 700,000 euros sent to the nunciature in Australia

Cardinal Pell’s lawyer asked to investigate allegations on whether the large sum sent to the nunciature in Australia would have been used in a plot against the Australian Prelate.

cardinal pell
Cardinal George Pell – Photo: Catholic Church of England

Newsroom (October 6, 2020 9:10 pm Gaudium Press) Yesterday, the Australian Financial Review reported that Robert Richter, Cardinal George Pell’s lawyer, asked both Australian and Italian authorities to investigate the 700,000 euro run. According to some Italian newspapers, the money was sent to Australia by Cardinal Angelo Becciu, as part of a plot against Cardinal Pell to get him sentenced on sexual abuse charges. Ultimately, the charges proved to be false. The money was allegedly sent to the nunciature in Canberra.

The world’s press reports on the conflicts between Cardinal Becciu and Cardinal Pell

Amidst all these allegations, the world press continues reporting on the clashes that took place between Cardinal Pell and the former Substitute to the Secretary of State, concerning the administration of Vatican money; particularly on the chapter on the dismissal of the Vatican auditor general, Libero Milone, in which Cardinal Becciu was involved.

Cardinal Becciu has categorically denied his participation in this plot against the Australian Cardinal: “I categorically deny having interfered in any way with the trial of Cardinal Pell,” he stated.

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However, this does not seem to be Cardinal Pell’s opinion, considering the press release following the news that Cardinal Becciu had been forced to renounce his rights to the cardinalate: The Holy Father has elected to clean up Vatican finances. He plays a long game and is to be thanked and congratulated on recent developments. I hope the cleaning of the stables continues in both the Vatican and Victoria.” “. Victoria is the place where the accusations against Cardinal Pell started and where he was condemned in the first and second instance and finally acquitted by the Australian supreme court.

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Pope meets with the Nuncio to Australia

Today the Pope met with the Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, the Philippine Bishop Adolfo Tito Yllana. According to Vatican sources the Pope inquired about alleged 700,000 euros reports. The Holy See did not confirm what was discussed at that meeting.

The renowned journalist Edward Pentin affirmed today, in the National Catholic Register, that Archbishop Yllana and Cardinal Becciu are long-time friends. They joined the diplomatic service of the Holy See with a few months of difference, back in 1984.

The money sent was not registered on the accounting books

Likewise, “an anonymous Vatican source with detailed knowledge of the matter” assured Pentin that ” the funds transferred were off the books [of accounting] and therefore there was no obligation to report them. They were apparently sent to the apostolic nunciature for “works to be done,” which involved the “restoration of a gate”. And because of this, the nunciature should have the reports on the use of that money.

The sources cited by Pentin put forward speculations supporting the version given by Italian newspapers about the real destination of the 700,000 euros: “The sources the Register spoke to hypothesize that instead of the funds being spent, in full or in part, on construction projects, they were paid to another entity that intended to bolster the sexual abuse case against Cardinal Pell and put an end to his efforts of financial reform at the Vatican, as has been reported the Italian newspapers La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera.”

Judicial investigation into Cardinal Becciu

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For now, as announced by the Vatican Secretary of State Card. Parolin, last October 3, there is a judicial investigation underway against Cardinal Becciu. The results will determine whether to initiate a trial or rule out opening any process.

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