Pope Francis Recommends Praying with Psalms: A Symphony of Prayer by the Holy Spirit

Francis questioned the faithful present, asking if they pray with the psalms and advised them develop the habit of praying with the psalms.

Vatican City (06/19/2024 14:39, Gaudium Press) On the morning of Wednesday, 19th, during the General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis continued his series of catecheses on the Holy Spirit. He also reminded that the Church is living the Year of Prayer in preparation for the Jubilee of 2025 and advised the faithful to reflect on the teachings presented in the Book of Psalms.

Book of Psalms: A ‘Symphony of Prayer’

According to the Pontiff, this book of the Old Testament can be defined as a ‘symphony of prayer,’ whose composer is the Holy Spirit. Just like symphonies, it also features various ‘movements,’ which in this case are different types of prayer: praise, thanksgiving, supplication, lament, narration, wisdom reflection, and others, both in personal and communal forms.

Francis questioned the faithful present, asking if they pray with the psalms. He then advised them to “take the Bible or the New Testament and pray a psalm. There are many psalms that help us move forward. Develop the habit of praying with the psalms. I guarantee that, in the end, you will be happy.”

The Psalms Enrich Our Prayer

However, we cannot live only on the heritage of the past, he warned. It is necessary to make the psalms our own prayer, as if we were their authors. Throughout the day, it is good to repeat and pray the verses that speak to our hearts, as they are valid for all moments and increase their effectiveness with consistency.

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The Holy Father assured that “there is no state of mind or need that does not find in the psalms the best words to transform them into prayer. They enrich our prayer, as with them we can express praise, blessing, and thanksgiving, involving even creation,” he concluded. (EPC)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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