Pope Francis Meets With Artists at the Vatican

“You are preachers of beauty! Beauty does good, beauty heals, beauty leads us forward on the path!” the Holy Father remarked.

Foto: Vatican Media.

Newsdesk (02/09/2022 12:23, Gaudium PressLast Thursday afternoon, September 1, Pope Francis went to the Casina Pio IV in the Vatican Gardens to meet with a group of artists who participated in a meeting in which they reflected on hope and beauty and discussed strategies and creative proposals for the development of cultural initiatives on a global scale.

Artists are Preachers of Beauty

According to the Holy See Press Office, during the meeting the Holy Father pointed out some paths of communication, such as truth, goodness and, particularly for artists, beauty, the path of contemplation. “You are preachers of beauty! Beauty does good, beauty heals, beauty takes us forward on the path!” the Pope emphasized.

Dealing with how to communicate the Gospel to young people, Francis stressed the need for witness and guidance, which are born from one’s own dialogue with God. And he assured that “those who are on the way are in search, art attracts to a way” and those who are on the way are aware of being sought.

Let Art Open Doors and Touch Hearts

When addressing the issue of ethics in art, the Pontiff stressed that art must respect the person, the path he or she takes, encouraging more people to walk than to buy. Finally, the Holy Father expressed his desire that art “opens doors, touches hearts and helps people to walk forward.

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Francis concluded by assuring the artists that he will keep as a treasure in his heart all that he heard about the journeys undertaken by the artists. He then greeted all those present individually and returned to Casa Santa Marta. (EPC)

Compiled by Florence MacDonald

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