Pope Francis in good health, Vatican assures


The Pontiff is in Rome’s Gemelli hospital, where he underwent a three-hour surgery to treat a stricture of the colon caused by diverticulitis.

Vatican City (05/07/2021 17:15, Gaudium Press) Last Sunday afternoon, July 4, Pope Francis was admitted to Rome’s Gemelli hospital, where he underwent a three-hour surgery to treat a stricture of the colon caused by diverticulitis, an intestinal disease common among people over 60 years of age.

Pope to remain hospitalised for a week

The 84-year-old Pontiff had part of his colon removed during surgery. The procedure was performed under general anaesthetic by surgeon Sergio Alfieri with assistance from eight other doctors. Normally, recovery for this type of surgery is up to a week and at least another two weeks of limited activity.

Holy Father is in good health

According to Holy See Press Office director Matteo Bruni, “His Holiness Pope Francis is in good general condition, alert and breathing spontaneously. The surgery for diverticular stenosis performed on the night of July 4 involved a left hemicolectomy and lasted about 3 hours. A hospital stay of about 7 days is expected, barring complications.”

Procedure was already scheduled

The Holy See explained in a statement that this was not an emergency procedure and was already scheduled for the beginning of the Pope’s summer holiday, when there are no important events scheduled in the Pope’s public calendar and Wednesday general audiences are traditionally suspended.

Message from the Vicariate of Rome

The Vicariate of Rome released a statement on Monday, 5, in which it expressed its affection and filial devotion to Pope Francis at this time of illness, wishing him a speedy recovery. “All the faithful holy people of God who are in Rome, together with the citizens and all men of good will, with a lively sense of participation and closeness to the Holy Father, raise prayers and supplications to the Lord that, with the help of his grace, he may sustain and console our beloved Bishop during his post-operative convalescence,” the ecclesial community says. (EPC)

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