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Polls: Two-thirds of Americans support full or partial restrictions on abortion

According to recent polls conducted by  Gallup, 46% of Americans consider abortion wrong, while 47% consider it acceptable.

Newsdesk (June 16, 2021 12:59, Gaudium Press) – As Fr. Jorge Enrique Mujica, LC reports in Zenit.org, 46% of Americans consider abortion wrong, while 47% believe it acceptable, according to the most recent polls conducted by Gallup.

Assessing abortion by political affiliation, the study shows that 64% of Democratic Party supporters advocate abortion to be morally acceptable, along with 51% of independents and only 26% of Republicans.

When Americans are asked if they are pro-abortion or pro-life, the results show 49% against 47%, respectively. Data, however, has fluctuated in the latest decades. Between 1995 and 1997, 52% of the population defined themselves as pro-abortion, while pro-life advocates barely reached 38%.

By 2021, 74% of GOP supporters declare themselves pro-life, while 70% of Democrats, pro-abortion.

Gallup states that 48% of Americans think abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances, 32% believe it should be under any circumstances, and 19% believe that abortion should be considered illegal under all circumstances. If we add up the segments concerning total and legal abortion bans, two-thirds of Americans support partial or complete restrictions on abortion.

Polls also found that 52% of Americans support more restrictive measures on abortion, against 45% supporting less stringent criteria.

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