George Weigel on the German Church: not Schism, but Apostasy

The renowned American author wrote an article about what is happening to German Catholicism in the newspaper Die Tagespost.

Newsroom (22/12/2022 10:15 PM, Gaudium Press) As a recognized author, George Weigel is known in both the Catholic and non-Catholic world, and one of the most renowned biographers of St. John Paul II, in his famous best-seller Testimony of Hope.

Therefore, his statement, expressed in Die Tagespost, that the German Church “is not in a state of schism, but of apostasy,” carries considerable weight.

The famous author, who is also a theologian, asks, “what is happening in Germany on its national ‘synodal path‘?”, and then answers:

“Many things are happening: an instrumentalization of the crime and sin of sexual abuse to reinvent Catholicism, a rejection of the perennial Catholic understanding of human love and its expression, an unconditional surrender to gender ideology and its deconstruction of the biblical conception of the human person; an ecclesiological revolution that, in the name of strengthening the Catholic laity, strips the offices of bishops and priests of their full sacramental character; the gradual reduction of the church to a thriving NGO doing good works defined by the consensus of the political correctness of the moment.”

For Weigel, the so-called German Synodal Way rejects Catholic teaching on Revelation: “every historical moment is evaluated by Revelation. Revelation is not evaluated by the ‘signs of the times,'” he stresses.

Faith is not recognized on the German synodal path

And finally, he makes a statement, which already occupies ample headlines:

It is often said that German Catholicism is in a state of schism. This is an inadequate description of the German crisis. German Catholicism, as expressed in the documents of the Synodal Way, is in a state of apostasy. The German synodal way does not recognize ‘the faith that was handed down, that was entrusted to the saints once for all’ (Jude 1:3).” Earlier this year, it was highlighted in one of the “basic texts”: “Even in the church, legitimate views and lifestyles can compete with each other, even in terms of fundamental beliefs.”

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