Fr. Santiago Martin: Consecration is not enough; We need Conversion

Consecration alone “Is not enough.” Fr. Martin recalled the permissive pro-abortion laws in Ukraine and how gender ideology is implanted in the country.

Newsroom (22/03/2022 15:51, Gaudium Press) In his latest video on , the well-known Fr. Santiago Martin, founder of the Franciscans of Mary, comments on the act that will take place on March 25, when Pope Francis, in union with bishops from around the world, will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

After exposing the impossibility of the three little shepherds having invented the Fatima message, Fr. Martin states that at first the Popes did not pay much attention to the message. But “to the extent that the Soviet Union was becoming that danger announced by Our Lady and communism was demonstrating its cruelty,” showing Our Lady’s announcement of the spread of Russia’s errors in 1917 to be real, “in that sense they began to be concerned.”

As this awareness grew, the Popes “began to make, very delicately, the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Very delicately, so as not to offend the Soviets.”

Father Martin recalls that in 1984, St. John Paul II, “united with the bishops of the whole world, made this consecration. But even then he did it without explicitly naming Russia, by allusion.” In the priest’s opinion, the effect of that consecration was the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union and its “terrifying empire.”

But now, in the context of the war in Ukraine, and following the request of the Latin rite bishops in Ukraine, the Pope has accepted the request and will perform the consecration on March 25. This is a gesture that should be appreciated, that “comes late,” but should be supported and joined in.

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However, the consecration “is not enough. A consecration is not just saying a prayer. It would be too easy. Our Lady at Fatima spoke, she asked for conversion and penance. Without that conversion, the consecration is simply a good wish, even though it has its value. Conversion is necessary.”

Do not forget the other innocent dead

The priest says that Ukraine is probably the country in the world where there are the most surrogate pregnancy clinics, “clinics where women are paid to get pregnant; they are paid money to have children for someone else. The government supports this kind of clinic, and there it was “a successful business until the war broke out.”

Similarly, in Ukraine, “abortion is fully allowed up to three months” of gestation, and allowed up to seven months with few exceptions, something supported by President Zelensky, who “is a fully convinced abortionist” and would like to expand abortion even further. Likewise, gender ideology is implanted in the country, says Fr. Martin.

“Conversion is necessary.” The war that is martyring Ukraine is “inhuman, it is terrifying, but we must not forget the deaths of the innocents who fall every day at the hands of abortion in that same country.”

“Consecration with conversion” is the conclusion of the message from the priest of the Franciscans of Mary.

“If not, there will be no peace; as long as there are murderous laws against the innocent… (…) let us pray that with this consecration there will be a conversion of hearts and the Ukraine that emerges from this catastrophe will be a much more humane Ukraine, where the lives of all the innocent are protected, safeguarded.”

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Compiled by Teresa Joseph



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