Faith and Reason: Of What Use is Knowledge Without the Fear of God?

For Thomas of Kempis, the fear of the Lord, the beginning of wisdom.

Newsdesk ( Gaudium Press) “All men naturally desire to know. But what is the use of knowledge without the fear of God?

The humble rustic who serves God is certainly better than the proud philosopher who, failing to know himself, observes the movements of the heavens.

“He who knows himself well thinks himself vile, and takes no delight in human praise.

“If I knew what is in the world, and had not charity, what good would it do me before God, who will judge me according to my works?

“Do not have too great a desire to know, for in it you will find great distraction and deceit.

The learned like to be thought of and applauded as such. […].

“Many words do not fill the soul; but the good life gives it refreshment, and a pure conscience causes great confidence in God.

THOMAS OF KEMPIS. Imitation of Christ. 2. ed. Rio de Janeiro: Petra, 2021.

Compiled by Roberta MacEwan

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