Diocesan Curia in Kharkiv Hit by Missile

A Russian missile hit the building of the diocesan Curia of Kharkiv. It serves as a shelter for forty people. No one was injured. 

Newsroom (03/01/2022 2:36 PM, Gaudium Press) A bomb hit the headquarters of the Latin diocese of Kharkiv in Ukraine today, Tuesday, March 1.

The basement of the building serves as a shelter for 40 people, including women and children. None were injured. However, the missile opened a large hole in the top of the building.

In an interview with the SIR news agency, Fr. Gregor Semenkov, chancellor of the diocese and rector of the cathedral, described Tuesday morning in Kharkiv as “an inferno.”

Fr Semenkov described an intense bombing in the city’s center targetting the government buildings.
“The attacks hit government offices. The bombs also hit people who were waiting to get bread, and at that moment a bomb fell on the Curia. There are many dead, for now, there is no news about the number of victims and wounded,” he reported.

Kharkiv (formerly Kharkov) is the second-largest city in Ukraine on its sixth day of intense fighting against the Russian army. The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has not stopped denouncing the attack on the city of a war crime. (FM)

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

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