Feminist group claim responsibility for bomb detonated outside Mexico bishops

Mexico (Thursday, July 27, 2017, Gaudium Press) A feminist movement has claimed responsibility for a bomb detonated outside of the offices of the Mexican Bishops’ conferences.

The home-made device exploded in the early hours of Wednesday (26 July) morning, causing small amounts of damage. No one was hurt in the blast.


Associate Press reports that in a statement posted on international website, ‘Contra Info’, a group called the “Informal Feminist Command for Anti-Authoritarian Action” say they were behind the bomb made of “dynamite, LP gas and butane.”

The statement, posted late on 26 July, adds: “For every torture and murder in the name of your God! For every child defiled by paedophiles!”

The site, Contra Info, says it it maintained by “anarchists, anti-authoritarians and libertarians.” It has previously published seven stories on Feminist Command actions in Mexico, although Associated Press could not confirm the existence of the group.

Earlier on the day of the explosion, Mexico’s undersecretary for population, migration and religious matters, Humberto Roque Villanueva, said that he did not believe the bomb to be an attack on the Catholic Church.

“I believe it is the regrettable need for priests to be very close to those in conflict …,” Roque said during an interview with the newspaper El Universal., “but I do not see that it is an orchestrated action, nor is it in itself a deliberate action or joining other actions against the Catholic Church.”

Auxiliary Bishop Alfonso Miranda Guardiola of Monterrey, conference secretary-general, told media he believed the act reflected the violence suffered by society at large in a country with soaring homicide rates and a decade-long drug cartel crackdown.

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“This act invites us to reflect emphatically, to reconstruct our social fabric to provide better security for all citizens,” he said.

Source The Tablet/ Rose Gamble


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