National Churchwatch issued new guidance following the murder of a French priest


United Kingdom (Thursday, September 1, 2016, Gaudium Press) According to a document titled “National Churchwatch” security measures have been recommended to Churches in the United Kingdom.

“Vicars are told not to wear dog collars in public as experts fear ISIS will target British church in next attack,” Alexander Ward writes on the Daily Mail, August 31, 2016:

Vicars have been told not to wear dog collars in public over fears that Islamic State will target a British church in its next attack.WA.jpg

One man of the cloth said he has been advised not to wear his dog collar out and about amid fears he could be singled out in a terror attack.

It has also been suggested UK church congregations should have a ‘bouncer’ on the door so that worshippers at small parish churches are more protected.

National Churchwatch has warned smaller churches are at more risk than larger ones and issued new guidance following the murder of a French priest last month.

The advice includes instructions to buy CCTV and carry personal attack alarms.

The vicar, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Mirror: ‘I’ve been told not to wear my dog collar in public to identify myself.

‘I’ve also been told not to be alone in the church but it would cost too much to pay someone to come with me to open up each day.’

The draft 12-page document by National Churchwatch says that churches need to make sure doors can be bolted and that worshippers are aware of what to do in the event they spot anything suspicious, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The paper was written by Nick Tolson, who has also advised the Home Office on its places of worship security committee.

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