Bishop of Añatuya, Argentina: Decriminalization does not help drug addicts

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    Añatuya, Argentina (Tuesday, 10/14/2014, Gaudium Press) Bishop Adolfo Uriona, SDP, of the diocese of Añatuya, recently spoke about the proposal of new legislation which intends to depenalize possession and use of drugs for private consumption in Argentina: “This legislation will rather open the door instead of helping the person to get out of this addiction and slavery. The use of drug is doing a great harm and instead of helping them to get out of it we are opening the door for them to get even deeper into It.” the bishop said in an interview to the “Nuevo Diario”.

    Bishop Uriona, who belongs to the congregation of the Sons of Divine Providence founded by a student of St John Bosco, called St Luigi Orione, also spoke about the strength that a law can have to create paradigms: “Any law has a pedagogical aspect to it and a law, when approved, can generate a culture and this is dangerous. Our Christian families have to form themselves each time more and they have to work based on our Christian values. This requires a lot of information on these new issues, but especially a greater knowledge of our Christian values ??and principles” concluded Bishop Uriona.

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