Colombia: Image of Our Lady intact after a car bomb explosion

The invocation of the image is Our Lady of Protection.

Photo: La Opinión

Newsdesk (June 17, 2021 10:00 PM, Gaudium Press) Many are claiming a miracle. The reason? A statue of Our Lady has remained unscathed despite being located a few meters from the explosion of a car bomb in an army battalion in Cúcuta, Colombia. 

Last Tuesday, at least two explosions were registered in the 30th Army Brigade, with 36 people injured, according to the Colombian defence minister, Diego Molano.

Numerous speculations have gained traction linking the attack to communist insurgent movements such as the National Liberation Army. The group had already carried out similar actions back in 2019 against the School of Police Cadets.

The local newspaper La Opinión states that the image of the “Virgin was located very close to the spot where the vehicle exploded. No damage occurred. Only the glass protecting was broken.”

The statue was designed by Patricia Pérez, the wife of a former task force commander, and crafted by soldiers from the 9th Ground Operations Battalion under the invocation of ‘Virgen de la Protección’ or Our Lady of Protection.


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