Turkey: No trial for the authors of the threats to the Armenian newspaper Agos

Istanbul, Turkey (Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Gaudium Press) The two militants of the Turkish ultra-nationalist organization responsible for threats and intimidation regarding the newspaper Agos, the bilingual Armenian weekly published in Istanbul, were released and will not be subjected to any trial.


This is what the same Agos reports, published in the last number, confirming that the Turkish judicial authorities have ordered the release of the two because the words and the actions attributed to the two “do not represent a real threat”.

The ultra-nationalist militants, as confirmed by the director of Agos, Yetvart Danzikyan, had laid a funeral wreath of black flowers in front of the newspaper office, and had uttered the phrase “We can come at any time, during the night”.

The same words – noted Danzikyan – were uttered by unknown provocateurs against the journalist of Armenian origin Hrant Dink, the director of Agos who shortly thereafter, on January 19 of 2007, was assassinated outside the headquarters of the newspaper.

Source Agenzia Fides


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