Venezuela Children faint at school due to hunger

Caracas, Venezuela (Wednesday, July 20, 2016, Gaudium Press) – In José María Velaz college, in the west of Caracas, several cases of malnutrition have been registered following the fainting of some pupils, at least one a day, as a result of the great difficulties of many families who cannot buy food.


According to the headmistress of the school, the symptoms of children with nutritional deficiencies are: fainting, headaches, stomachache and weight loss. Now there is great concern about the situation when schools reopen in September, given that between May and July, the number of malnourished children tripled.

These data are added to those of a study by Venebarómetro in the month of April, which indicates that about 86.3% of Venezuelans are buying less food.

Source Agenzia Fides


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