SOUTH AFRICA: Protests against President Zuma over the resignation of the Minister of Finance

Johannesburg, South Africa (Thursday, 12-17-2015, Gaudium Press) – Thousands of people marched in major cities across South Africa on Wednesday December 9, to demand the resignation of President Jacob Zuma after sending away the Minister of Finance, Nhlanha Nene, considered an expert, to replace him with Des van Rooyen, unknown to most. Nhlanha Nene had imposed a strong rigor in the management of public finances and Zuma did not publicly state the reasons why he sent him away. According to the local press, the former Minister was dismissed by the government because of his opposition to the plans of electricity through new nuclear reactors to be built with foreign aid (from Russia to the United States, China, Japan and France) and to the restructuring of the agreement for the purchase of aircraft for South African Airways.

Zuma’s presidency is characterized by scandals and embezzlement of public funds such as those related to the costs of security measures for the private villa of the President that actually masked “improvements” such as a swimming pool and an amphitheater (see Fides 3/6/2015). On September 30 a march against corruption was held which even saw the participation of Catholic Bishops.

Source Agenzia Fides


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