The family is main theme for 2015 Social Communications Day

Vatican City (Monday, 09/29/2014, Gaudium Press) “Today the Church must learn again how to show that the family is a great gift, something good and beautiful” states the Pontifical Council for Social Communications in its announcement of the theme message of Pope Francis to mark the 2015 Social Communications Day. The theme of the message will be: “Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love”

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The family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of
Love –  photo: Pontifical Council for the family

“The theme World Communications Day 2015 follows in continuity with the previous year’s message. At the same time, the topic fits into the context of the central theme of the next two synods on the family” announces the Pontifical Council on September 29. The document does not reveal the content of the message, since its publication will be made, as is customary in the Holy See, on January 24. Instead, it mentions only some of the topics that the Pontiff will address, as for instance the cultural changes that often “do not help us appreciate how much the family is a good for society.”

Challenges and announcement

Facing present challenges, the Church is called to reflect on the importance of properly communicating the goodness and importance of the family, which is an authentic school of Christian love. With these words Saint John Paul II introduced his Encyclical Letter Familiaris Consortio, quoted by the Pontifical Council “The relationships between the members of the family community are inspired and guided by the law of “free giving.” By respecting and fostering personal dignity in each and every one as the only basis for value, this free giving takes the form of heartfelt acceptance, encounter and dialogue, disinterested availability, generous service and deep solidarity.” (John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, N. 43)

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According to the Pontifical Council “The Church is called to show more vividly that the gift of love, which the bride and groom offer each other, draws all people to God. It is an exciting task because it moves people to look at the true reality of the human person, and it opens the doors to the future, that is, to life.”

The Holy Father’s message for World Communications Day is traditionally published in conjunction with the Memorial of St. Francis de Sales, patron of writers. It takes place on the Sunday before Pentecost, which in 2015 will be May 17.The World Communications Day was established by the Second Vatican Council in its Decree Inter Mirifica on social media.

Information from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

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