Pope to point the way as he meets with representatives of civil society


The Vatican (Friday, 07-10-2015, Gaudium Press) Pope Francis is expected on Friday in Paraguay for the final leg of his Latin American Apostolic Journey.

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A painting on a chapel wall in Asuncion, Paraguay, reading: ‘If the
life we live is not worthy, our job is to fight to change it’ – AP

Linda Bordoni reports from Asuncion on the expectations for the Holy Father’s visit.

Each time I have asked someone here in Paraguay what effect he or she hopes the Pope’s visit will have on the nation and on society, I have received an answer that contains a cry for renewal and transformation.

The people of Paraguay are humble and direct; they are proud of their rich cultural heritage, of the natural resources of their beautiful nation, of having overcome the ravages of war and exploitation.

But the memory of Stroessner’s cruel totalitarian regime is fresh in their minds, whilst widespread political corruption, devastating deforestation, large-scale production of “cash crops” that destroy biodiversity and pollute land and water, are cause for deep concern for the future of this “young” nation where 60% of the population is under 40 years old.

That’s why the Catholic University of Asuncion, dedicated to the formation of future leaders and managers, has set up an encounter between the Pope and Paraguayan society.

Representing five crucial sectors of society – those of the indigenous, of farmers, of entrepreneurs, of youth and of public authorities, five real people will have the occasion to sit down with Pope Francis and ask him for answers.

It will be the whole of Paraguay that turns to the Pope – the rector of the University told me – asking him to “point the way as we try to become the persons and the society he calls for in his encyclicals”.

Source Vatican Radio

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