Young More Engaged in Faith Than Older People: New Studies


New information gathered in the UK reveals that younger people are more than twice as likely to pray and attend religious services on a regular basis than their older counterparts.

Newsroom (26/09/2021 13:20 PMGaudium Press) – According to a survey conducted by SavantoComRes, about 51% of 18 to 34 year-old Brits pray at least once a month, and 49% of that same age group attend a place of worship every month.

In comparison, among those aged 55 and over, just 24% say they pray once a month, with only 6% attending a monthly worship service.

About 2075 British adults were polled in August, and the founder of The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, who commissioned the study, says that the study challenges the perception that the UK is a secular society. There actually appears to be a growing spirituality in the country.

Another study, conducted by Manchester Metropolitan University, will be released this week, and is suggesting that the pandemic has led to substantial growth in online activity in religious communities.

The study groups point to some factors that may be responsible for the increase in numbers among the young: perhaps online worship allows those previously uncomfortable with or unable to access actual faith services to now take part; the change in UK demographics may be resulting in larger numbers of participating young people from minority faiths, who traditionally have higher numbers of practicing young people.

Regardless of the reasons, the studies prove that young people are increasingly enjoying active spiritual lives.


With Files From the BBC

Compiled by Sandra Chisholm




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