Young adults, more likely to accept the integrity of Catholic doctrine than older ones

The information is based on a poll by RealClear Opinion, conducted in conjunction with EWTN.



Newsdesk (October 21, 2020, Gaudium Press)   According to a study by RealClear Opinion, conducted in conjunction with EWTN, 1 in 5 Catholics say they accept all Church teachings. The same research brings a revealing fact: Young adults are more likely to accept that teaching than older generations.

The survey was conducted between October 5 and 11 and consulted 1,490 potential voters in the U.S. who identified themselves as Catholic.

Twenty-five percent of Catholics between the ages of 18 and 34 accept the essentials of Catholic teaching. At the same time, this is true for only 21 percent of those between 35 and 54, and 16 percent of those over 55.

Trending change

As per the trending tendencies, everything seems to be changing rapidly.

In early February, 17 percent of young Catholic adults said they agreed with the doctrine’s integrity, as opposed to 19 percent of the older age groups.

Eighty-eight percent of those surveyed said religion is important in their lives; 50 percent said it is crucial. Among the latter are most of those who accept the integrity of the doctrine.

According to the survey, 4 out of 10 Catholics said they attended Eucharist at least once a week before the pandemic. Among these, the majority of people believe in the integrity of Catholic doctrine.

An interesting fact from the research relates to the rosary prayer: 11 percent say they pray it every day, an additional 16 percent say they pray it at least once a week; 31 percent say they pray it monthly or annually, and 43 percent say they pray less than once a year.

60 percent say they go to confession less than once a year; 10 percent say they attend this sacrament annually, 21 percent say they do so several times a year, and 9 percent say they go to confession at least once a month. At least 56 percent of Catholics aged 18-34 say they go to confession once a year, while only 46 percent of those aged 35-43, and 26 percent of those over 55, do so.

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