World map indicates where the most important apparitions of Our Lady have taken place

Through this initiative, it is possible to observe the increase of Marian apparitions in the last 60 years, where the Mother of God revealed prophetic messages about the present day.

Newsdesk (July 8, 2021, 14:00 PM, Gaudium Press) Throughout the history of the Church, Our Lady has appeared many times throughout the world, delivering her message. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church does not recognize all apparitions. The Church conducts a thorough investigation into each one to verify its authenticity. Some are only accepted locally, while others are not even considered worthy of veneration.

The Church established more traditional methods of approving the apparitions only after the 16th century. They improved them in the last century, allowing the Church to discern the elements that lend or not lend credibility to the respective apparitions.

A detailed catalog of Marian apparitions

This information has been gathered and organized by Catholic writer and researcher Michael O’Neill, who has compiled this data on his website ‘Miracle Hunter’. A detailed catalog of Marian apparitions and other miraculous events throughout history is published there.

Based on this information, National Geographic has created a world map with all the Marian apparitions reported in the last 500 years. The work produced by National Geographic has a legend in which it explains which ones have been approved by the Vatican.

An increasing number of Marian apparitions in the last 60 years

Through these initiatives, it is possible to verify the increasing number of Marian apparitions in the last 60 years. Through them, the Mother of God has given prophetic messages about the present day.

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In addition to the spiritual aspect that both works bring, it also highlights their great usefulness for anyone who wants to know a little more about the Marian apparitions worldwide.

Where has Our Lady appeared the most?

The maps show that the European continent is one of Our Lady’s favorites. She appeared mainly in Italy, France, Germany, and Belgium. Spain and Poland, countries of the traditional Catholic faith, have relatively fewer apparitions. Scandinavia, a region in which most countries are atheistic, has had no recorded Marian apparitions.

Just behind Europe, the United States leads in the number of apparitions of the Mother of God. But, the Catholic Church has not yet recognized most of them. Brazil has also recorded numerous apparitions. However, only two are recognized and approved. Africa also has two that the Holy See has confirmed, and Mexico has one. (EPC)

World map legend:

– Crosses show where Our Lady appeared to a future Saint;
– Yellow dots denote apparitions related to Catholic tradition but not yet recognized by the Vatican;
– Blue dots indicate more recent but not yet confirmed apparitions;
– Green dots represent apparitions approved as “credible” but not supernatural;
– Red dots denote that a local bishop has “approved” the apparition as genuine;
– Larger red dots (for famous apparitions) mark those that the Vatican has recognized.

Compiled by Ena Alfaro

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