Will Russia Spread its Errors Throughout the World?

Amidst threatening developments in the Russia-Ukraine border, the power and the strength of the deployed weapons lead us to suspect deeper political interests.

Newsroom (24/01/2022 10:06 AM, Gaudium Press) The photograph causes wonder and surprise all at once. These are people watching (carefree, almost indifferent) six large Russian ships in transit through the UK. Are they headed for the Black Sea? The mood of the onlookers suggests that they are not. Neither suggests the awareness that each of these vessels can transport up to twenty-five armoured fighting vehicles. 

While these Russian warships are cruising over the still calm waters of the European Continent only threatened by viruses, the future seems less and less reassuring.
In recent months, Russian expansion in Eastern Europe has increased; tensions against the US and its allies have risen.

When we study History, the role of Russia has always been momentous. The mixture between Russia’s rich and mysterious expanse of land and its clever, feisty people has never ceased to stir Westerners. After all, who barred Napoleon but Russia? Who stopped Hitler’s relentless advance? What about the allies during WWI? On whom did they depend in opposing the Central empires?

Russia’s territory is immense; its significance can never be downplayed; its role is decisive. And once again, a little over a hundred years after WWI, Russia is vying for world primacy in a symbolic clash whose opening stages seem to be Ukraine. Who will, then, prove stronger? Russia or the United States?
Is NATO’s eastern flank, apparently a bone in the throat of the communist giant, the real issue? The power and the strength of the deployed weapons lead us to suspect deeper political interests.

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Let’s again go back in History. When Francis Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, initiating the 1914-1918 war, a nobleman was murdered, and with him, the tradition of a still Christian Europe. As the invasion of Ukraine seems to unfold, its real aim is to shatter the West, led and represented by the United States.
Beyond the military powers, above the roar of fighter jets, and past the clueless spectators watching (indifferently!) the Russian Warships cruising beside the UK, Communist Russia seems to be shouting in defiance: “I will spread my errors throughout the world!”

                                                *   *   *
So far, we are left in suspense amidst a public opinion who choose to be deaf to the message of Fatima [1] and blind to the outcomes and consequences of Russian Communism. In the face of war, may that same public opinion have the honesty to admit -at last- who are the ones truly spreading errors throughout the world.

By Bonifácio Silvestre

Compiled by Gustavo Kralj

[1] At Fatima, Our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If Her requests were heeded, Russia would convert, and the world would have peace; if not, Russia would spread its errors throughout the world, promoting wars and persecutions of the Church.

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