The Eucharist: a Sun that Purifies and Strengthens

Jesus in the Eucharist is a Sun that Purifies and Strengthens

Newsdesk (30/06/2021 20:30, Gaudium Press) – A peerless expression of the benevolence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is the fact that we can adore Him exposed in the monstrance. If the sun brings advantages to our physical health, much greater is the benefit that the Creator of the sun lavishes on our spiritual life when we are before Jesus in the host! However, since our dispositions do not always correspond to what He expects of us, it is appropriate for us to pause for an examination of conscience.

What is my Eucharistic devotion like in my daily life? Do I have a habit of focusing my attention, activities and concerns on Him? When I pass by the Blessed Sacrament in a church, do I endeavour to adore Him with fervour? Or do I get carried away by routine? When I receive Communion during holy Mass, am I persuaded that Our Lord Jesus Christ leaves the ciborium with the happiness of uniting Himself to me, and, upon penetrating my being, that He sanctifies my body and soul?

After Communion, does thanksgiving have adequate substance and fervour? Do I thank Him for having made me His tabernacle, establishing a relationship with me that a material tabernacle will never have, however precious it may be, and for coming into consonance with me, purifying my intentions, giving me supernatural strength and fortifying in me the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit?

With His Sacred Heart overflowing with affection, but also with justice, Jesus makes this demand of each one of us today: “What have you done with this extraordinary benefit, the greatest treasure that I left you?”

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And from His lips I will hear recrimination for the times when I received Him with tepidity; or with haste, or given over to voluntary distraction; or amid blameworthy insensitivity; or even stained with sin, if I have incurred this disgrace… 

Msgr. João Scognamiglio Cla Dias, EP

Text extracted from Heralds of the Gospel Magazine No 140, June 2019 

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