What do Europeans Think of the Pope?

Chantal Delsol’s new book brings considerations on the current situation of Christianity as well as a review on Pope Francis.

Newsroom– (September 19, 2021 4:55 PM, Gaudium Press) – The book “The End of Christianity” (La Fin de la Chrétienté, in the original French) will come out on October 14. The work brings reflections and interpretations from philosopher and writer Chantal Delsol about the current situation of Christianity.
Among the topics discussed, Chantal analyzes the figure of the Pontiff from a European point of view and does not hesitate to state that the Pope’s culture is different from the European culture.

A Pope with a Different Culture

“In Latin America where an extraordinary culture of inequality flourishes, he (Pope) was especially influenced, as a Catholic, by liberation theology. I am not surprised that he has difficulty understanding us.”
She wonders what Europeans think about the Pope: “if left-wing, [European] Catholics defend Pope Francis; if right-wing, they criticize him. Francis has a post-Marxist leftist tropism.”

Attraction to New Doctrines

Chantal continues her analysis and explains that as a Jesuit, the Pope is attracted to doctrines that are in vogue. “They (the Jesuits) have a sense of the new, the mundane, and transgression.” She evokes some examples of the Jesuits throughout history and ends with the Pontiff: “Pope Francis defends the religion of ecology by signing an ambiguous text about mother earth.”

Despite his comments, the author of the book makes it clear that accepting everything the Pope says is not a necessary condition to respect him.

The Fear of being Considered Conservative

Delsol criticizes the way Francis approaches the immigration issue: “Personally, I think we cannot treat the migration issue as he does: because it is not only a moral issue (welcoming the exiles; it is also a political issue (protecting the local culture).”
According to her, the Pope reduces political issues to moral issues, for example, migration, vaccination, homosexuality, because “he surfs entirely on the fad of the moment and is the echo of the media.” For Delsol, what the Pope fears most is to be considered a conservative.

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With information from La Croix.

Compiled by Camille Mittermeier

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