What does the Church Teach about the Exaltation of Mary?

The light that the World awaits is a new light, glory will be born out of patient and triumphant suffering.  

Newsroom (28/01/2022 09:45, Gaudium Press) In different ways men praise the memory of the one who marked the past: they dedicate schools, streets, or monuments to him, they write works about him…

However, what is all the glory of the world worth in the face of God’s praise? About John the Baptist, for example, Jesus affirmed that no one was greater than he, “among those born of women” (Luke 7:28)!

Now, how does the Most High magnify someone destined to mark the future? By revealing something about him that marks all spirits. This is what the Eternal Father did with his Only Begotten, by means of a voice from Heaven: “Behold my beloved Son, listen to him!” (Mk 9:7). This form of praise only God can give.

Mary and the Holy Trinity

It is common among sacred authors to relate historical eras to the Persons of the Holy Trinity: the Old Testament is associated with the Father, the New Testament with the Son, and a future period, of special glorification of God and Mary, with the Holy Spirit.

The beginning of each of these ages is marked by a revelation. Thus, in the Old Testament, God manifested Himself as First Cause and Last End, Sole Author of all things, Prodigal, Just and Merciful Father. To inaugurate the New Testament, the Son made Himself known to the world as Savior, Redeemer and Mediator.

And it is the common opinion among theologians that the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit will open with a new explicitness, a new light concerning the “Great Unknown”, which, although contained in Revelation, remains hidden under the veils of mystery and has therefore never been truly understood by men until today.

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Such light should mark the future centuries and change the course of history, to the point of resulting in the foundation of a new civilization.

Now, since the Holy Spirit is the Divine Spouse of Mary Most Holy, and given the very high perfection of the bond existing between them, it is incomprehensible that He should be glorified without promoting the glorification of the Spouse.

Exaltation of Mary

It is to be expected, therefore, that the wonders worked by grace for the establishment of Mary’s Kingdom will have as a central element the exaltation of our Lady in a way that no man could ever imagine.

On the other hand, God usually intervenes at times when all seems lost, answering the pleas of those who, in the midst of the most devastating trials, refuse to betray their hopes.

It doesn’t matter if they are few and weak, as long as they are faithful: the worse the trial, the greater the subsequent glorification, because the Lord takes advantage of the devil’s own insidiousness to overcome and humiliate him even more.

Thus, the exaltation of Mary prepared by God will be a vengeance all the more humiliating because Satan’s hatred toward her has always been great. The Almighty never leaves anything unpunished, and He takes revenge for the harm done to His own.

Text taken from the magazine Heralds of the Gospel, n. 224, August 2020.

Compiled by Camille Mittermeier

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