According to Some, the Pope May be Sick


The Pope stated while speaking to one of Spain’s main national radio channels, Cadena Cope, that resignation is not in his plans and that the papal agenda for this year will continue.

Newsroom (07/09/2021 23:59,  Gaudium Press) These are rumours which many people are beginning to pay attention to, and they are not from just one or two sources: some of them are from other important ‘voices’. Aldo Maria Valli, the well-known Vaticanist, is now speaking out. According to, Valli said in an interview that “in the Sacred Palaces of the Vatican, there is talk of the Pope having two tumours, and of the difficulty of the doctors and health staff at the hospital in attending to the august patient”.

According to Valli’s sources, there seems to be an atmosphere developing which could be described as “an air of a conclave“. An upcoming election for a new pope?

Valli also states that the Pontiff “has undergone urgent surgery for a serious illness and that, due to his age, his situation is not easy”.

Returning to the subject of the conclave, Valli recalls that several names are already being considered for the papacy should there be an election. Indeed, “he who enters the conclave as Pope comes out a cardinal, an old saying that must be taken seriously”.

For now, we have only the following facts: the Pope’s recent statement to Cadena Cope that he is not considering resigning as Benedict XVI did; the medical reports from the Vatican Press Office; and news that the papal schedule this year, including his planned foreign trips, remains in place.

Compiled by Sandra Chisholm

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