Vatican to open Papal Villas at Castel Gandolfo during the month of August


The organizers of the event advise that those interested in personally visiting the Apostolic Palace and Gardens should schedule a time to visit.

Newsdesk (July 24, 2021 2:00 PM Gaudium Press) The Vatican Museums have announced on their official website that during the month of August the Pontifical Villas at Castel Gandolfo will be open for vacations. According to the statement, the initiative was taken in order to satisfy the ever-renewed need during the summer to frequent outdoor recreational sites.

The opening of the residences on the weekends of the second and third week of the month will be extended on an exceptional basis, as they remain closed to the public on Sunday, August 15, and Monday, August 16, as they are Vatican holidays.

Pontifical Apartment and Villa Barberini Garden

During this extraordinary opening, visitors will be able to see the Papal Apartment and the 500 years of history of the Popes, narrated by guide systems, in multilingual audio, which leads visitors on a free tour through paintings, relics, liturgical vestments, uniforms and curiosities.

In addition, the luxurious garden of Villa Barberini with its botanical and archeological beauties can also be visited and enjoyed by an ecological and panoramic minibus, or on foot, in a guided group tour or an independent tour.

Scheduling visits

The organizers of the event recommend that those interested in visiting the Apostolic Palace and Gardens in person should book a visit directly on the official website:

It is also possible to purchase a ticket directly at the ticket office located in the Palace. However, access will be limited, organized according to entry times and subject to availability at the time. The Pontifical Villas have food service, which can also be booked in advance online or purchased on the day of the visit. (EPC)

Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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