Vatican Radio Expands Broadcast to Russia and Ukraine

Vatican broadcasts in 51 languages.  

Newsroom (March 25, 2022, 11:03 AM, Gaudium Press) Through March 26, Vatican Radio will expand its programs in Ukrainian and Russian on its shortwave broadcasts.

Currently, there are two daily broadcasts, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, in both languages. The morning programs will have 20 minutes more.

This decision, according to Massimiliano Menichetti, head of Vatican Radio/Vatican News, “was shared with the entire leadership team of the Dicastery for Communication, at this time when the war is spreading, in order to better respond to our mission: to  to the whole world the hope, the words of the Pope and the reading of the facts in the light of the Gospel.”

Vatican Radio’s work in these two languages has been strengthened by a network of direct contacts. The Vatican at present broadcasts news in languages including English and Italian in sign language.

The new shortwave broadcasts in Russian and Ukrainian are:

Through March 26

Russian, CET 06:00-06:20, UTC 05:00-05:20, 7260kHz, 9715kHz

Ukrainian, CET 06:20-06:40, UTC 05:20-05:40, 7260 kHz, 9715 kHz

Starting Sunday, March 27th

Russian, CET 07:00-07:20, UTC 05:00-05:20, 7260kHz, 9705kHz

Ukrainian, CET 06:40-07:00, UTC 04:40-05:00, 7260 kHz, 9705 kHz

With information from Vatican News.

Compiled by Zephania Gangl

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