Ukraine Invasion: is the World ready for a Russian “New Variant”?

The International situation seems to be quickly moving from health care crisis and vaccines to the threats of a World War. What may an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine mean for the rest of the World?

Newsroom (18/01/2022 3:22 PM, Gaudium Press)  As the World has been plunged into chaos for two years now, contemporary society is quite used to threats. Renewable threats. Whenever the pandemic seems to be coming to an end, a “new wave” or a “new variant” presents itself, renewing fears and insecurity—vaccinations, seclusion, isolation… new concerns recur endlessly with each wave.

The communist ‘wave’?

Following the fall of the “iron curtain,” the World considered Communism was over. After several decades, we realize the mistake. Today, we see it emerge again as an imminent threat.

Curiously, like a virus, Communism also seems to have its variants: Cuba, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua. Each new ‘wave’ brings about new ‘variants’ of dictatorship, violence, misery. So we may pose a valid question: is the World ready for a Russian “new Variant”?

The border tensions between Russia and Ukraine may foreshadow the arrival of a catastrophe more frightening than all wars and epidemics ever seen. If we consider the power of the weapons involved (after all, Ukraine is supported by NATO), indeed, we must fear for the future of humanity.
Considering the leftist tendencies that have taken over the World’s political scene, we have many reasons to believe that -as our Lady announced in Fatima in 1917-Russia will spread its errors throughout the World.

There is no vaccine against gunpowder. If anyone hoped that medicine could bring back stability or at least reestablish normal life in the coming years, the shadows of imminent and incomparably more atrocious events may lurk on the horizon, perhaps comparable to the first stages of WWII. What could medicine do about it?

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Let there be no doubt: this new “variant’ of Communism is taking advantage of the West’s numbness and long-standing negligence to attack – not as a ‘wave,’ but as an unstoppable tsunami – the most basic rights of human beings.

It is crucial to take a stand. What will it be?

An invasion against Ukraine might be used to gauge public reaction, like in a laboratory. Observers see in this eventual invasion a pretext similar to the one used by Nazi Germany against Poland on the eve of World War II.

Confronted with these realities, will the West continue to show a casual, carefree face? Just like the pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine may expose the World’s worrying degree of low immunity to each and every communist ‘variant’: from the ‘variant’ that breeds atheism and amorality to the more severe and evident stages of the ‘virus,’ taking away our rights and freedoms to come and go, to buy and sell.


Let’s bring the analogy back to the eve of WWII. In times of Stalin, many associated the traditional profile of Pious XII with that of Hitler’s Germany.
What about today? What will be the Vatican’s stance in the coming days? How will this Papacy react to the new situation? Will it keep silent? Which side will the figure of the current Pontiff be associated with?

By Cicero Leite


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