Two Churches Vandalized in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Two churches have been vandalized in the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of them was completely consumed by fire. 

Newsroom (06/08/2022 09:00, Gaudium PressTwo Catholic churches were vandalized in the Democratic Republic of Congo on two consecutive days.

Both the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in the hill of Mbuya Charles and the parish of St. David in the town of Diuli were attacked on July 31 and August 1 respectively.

Some bandits broke into the church of Our Lady of Lourdes on Sunday night and then set fire to the church.

The sacred objects were all destroyed, consumed by fire when the criminals fled.

The mayor of the locality, Louis d’Or Ntumba, was on the scene and stated that the situation cannot continue: “This must not continue. This is a wickedness that does not say its name.”

The parish of St. David was broken into on August 1 by bandits who broke down the sacristy door and looted some plastic chairs from the parish, before fleeing.

Local authorities and police have opened an inquiry to investigate the crimes committed. (FM)

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