Turkey hires 4000 Isis militia to fight Armenians on a conflict with religious connotations

If not stopped in time, the war in the Caucasus, risks destabilizing world peace, the Armenian prime minister said.

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Newsroom (October 2, 2020 9:10 pm Gaudium Press) The recent statements of the Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinian, seem to speak quite clearly: If not stopped in time, the war in the Caucasus, between Armenia and Azerbaijan, runs the risk of destabilizing world peace.

The long-standing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia concerns the control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region. The enclave is located within Azerbaijani territory but with an Armenian majority. Since the separation from Azerbaijan in the early 1990s,  conflicts between the two countries have flared up from time to time.

Conflict with religious connotations

So far, the international community has asked the two countries for an immediate ceasefire, followed by talks. Turkey, however, seems to be following a different course of action. According to sources cited by Asia News, it has hired 4,000 Syrian mercenaries from Isis to fight against the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“A few days ago land convoys reached Turkey and then Azerbaijan by air. The salary is 1,800 US dollars a month, for a duration of three months.” A leader of the Syrian terrorist group said that: ‘Thanks to Allah, from September 27 until the end of the month another 1000 Syrian mercenaries will be transferred to Azerbaijan,” reports Asia News.

Although some deny these reports, “an opposition fighter from Jind al-Sham confirmed to AsiaNews that he had spoken with an Azerbaijani colleague fighting in Syria, and asked him why we are going to fight in Azerbaijan, alongside the Shiites, against the Karabakh. The latter replied: ‘Because it is part of the Jihad; it is a holy war of Muslims against Christians'”. Armenian sources claim that 89 Islamist mercenaries have been eliminated so far.

Information on the dispatch of the 4,000 Syrian Isis mercenaries is also confirmed by the London-based Human Rights Observatory in Syria and by the president of the Republic of Karabakh, Arayik Arutyiunian, who said: “This is not a war between Karabakh and Azerbaijan, or Armenia against Azerbaijan. It is a direct war by Turkey, by mercenaries alongside 10 million Azeris, against 3 million Armenians”.

“It is a war for survival – continued Arutyiunian – a war in which we can lose, but we cannot afford this luxury. Every defeat for us means the end of our nation. This is our homeland, we have no other, and we will win because we fight for our existence. The Azeris and Turkey are fighting for expansionism and anti-Armenian racial hatred,” he said. Asia News claims that Turkey is not only sending jihadist militia. Turkish warplanes, attached to NATO, are bombing populated areas.

(Gaudium Press / Saul Castiblanco)

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