The Vatican issues rectangular coin for 450th anniversary of Caravaggio


The Vatican rectangular coin is minted in silver and will have a face value of 25 euros. It will be available starting June 25.

Vatican City (June 18, 2021 17:01, Gaudium Press) – The Vatican Mint has announced that its first rectangular-shaped coin is among the new coins soon to be released.

The coin, made in a four-colour process, commemorates the 450th birthday of Italian Baroque artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

The Burial of Christ

Worth 25 euros, the commemorative coin depicts “The Burial of Christ,” painted by the artist between 1602 and 1604 for the Roman church of Santa Maria in Vallicella. The painting is currently on display in the Vatican Museums.

The chiaroscuro contrast, characteristic of Caravaggio, takes on a significant figure in his dramatic interpretation of Jesus’ death, as the light of the imminent resurrection seems to emanate from Christ’s body.

Launch on June 25

The rectangular Vatican coin will be available from June 25 and can be purchased within a set consisting of additional coins and stamps at the cost of 139 euros.

Another round silver coin by Caravaggio will also be released on the same day. It takes up the painting “Boy with a basket of fruit,” painted by the artist in 1593. The original belongs to the collection of the Galleria Borghese in Rome. (EPC)

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