The Invincible Help of Jesus

Those who let themselves be dominated by fear, trusting more in their strength than in Jesus Christ, will be defeated.

Newsroom (August 2, 2021, 13:10 PM, Gaudium Press) Throughout our journey toward the eternal Kingdom, it always happens, sooner or later, that our enthusiasm diminishes or, at times, our sensibility reaches its lowest point. And thus, we are tested in our Faith.

Woe to us if, under such circumstances, we forget that all the good that we have comes from God! At the first temptation, if we lose our enthusiasm and confidence, we will end up feeling the force of gravity weighing down our misery. We will inevitably perish.

The only solution for us at that moment will be to imitate St. Peter, crying out: “Lord, save me!” St. Peter realized how useless his vast experience in sailing was in the midst of that procession.

God’s help is never lacking, but rather our faith

His disciples had a limited spirit, like that of their compatriots. Their hearts were still blind, so much that they could not grasp all the consequences, in the line of the supernatural, based on Faith, of the events that took place during the public life of Our Lord.

In feeding the multitude, based on such a small number of loaves and fishes, Jesus demonstrated His power over food, a fact already proven at the wedding feast at Cana.

Coming down from the mountain, after having spent the night in prayer, He showed His dominion over the waters, the winds, and the roaring waves.

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As He used these elements to go after His disciples, He also showed how much His Sacred Body is omnipotent.

There is thus a parallel with those guided more by their senses and imagination than by Faith and reason. Only after they saw all the accomplishments coming out of the Savior’s hands, they prostrated themselves and worshipped Him, praising Him in His Eternal Sonship and Divinity.

Thus, He prepared His witnesses’ sensibilities for the revelation about the Eucharist, which He will soon make.

“Lord, save me!”

On the other hand, the boat, shaken by the storm, carrying His Apostles, could well be the image of the Church struggling, on the seas of this world, in the middle of the night, aiming to land on the shores of the Eternal Kingdom.

The Church is invincible because the Founder has built her on a solid foundation. For this reason, it resists all the forces that come against her.

On God’s mountain, Jesus is alone, praying. And in the most critical moments, He comes to the aid of the human weakness of His own.

Nothing will stand in the way of those who ask for his protection. It is a matter of knowing what to ask.

Whoever lets himself be overwhelmed by fear, facing risks and threats, trusting more in his strength than in Jesus Christ, will be defeated.

On the contrary, if the person who arms himself with firm and unbreakable Faith will be able to do everything. Despite the suffering, if someone close to Jesus feels the powerlessness of his nature, a cry for help will be enough for Him to extend His hand and lead him to the boat.

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From panic to salvation

Once onboard, the elements will be calmed by His mere presence. And at the end of this life, you will land on the shores of Eternity.

When you disembark, you will understand with great consolation the role of Her, who once recommended: “Do whatever He tells you” (John 2:5).

It is not without wisdom and purpose that St. Hilary stated:

“And when the Lord comes, he will find his Church weary and surrounded by the evils that the Antichrist and the spirit of the world will arouse. And since the Antichrist will lead the faithful to all kinds of temptations, they will be afraid even of the coming of Christ. That is because of the fear which the Antichrist will put in them through false images and apparitions which he will present to them. But the Lord, who is so good, will take this fear away from them, saying: ‘It is I,’ and will, by their belief in his coming, remove the imminent danger.

Msgr. Scognamiglio João Clá Dias, EP

Compiled by Ena Alfaro

Text excerpted, with adaptations, from the Magazine Heralds of the Gospel n.80, August 2008.

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