San Marino: Possible legalization of abortion

In San Marino, a small European country, abortion has been illegal since 1865. A pro-abortion referendum will take place next September 26.

Newsroom (September 22, 2021, 8:30 AM, Gaudium Press). The country has 35,000 inhabitants and about 90% of the population considers itself Catholic. In the upcoming referendum, the inhabitants are invited to vote for the legalization of abortion up to the 12th week of gestation.

The referendum also includes the possibility of abortion beyond the first 12 weeks, if anomalies and malformations of the fetus are found, or if there is a physical or psychological risk to the pregnant woman.

The first attempt to legalize abortion in San Marino took place in 2003, since then pro-abortion associations have been trying to pass the law.

Pro-life movements speak out

Doctor Adolfo Morganti, from the committee One of Us (Uno di noi) pro-life association, explained that “San Marino is not obliged to adopt the law of neighboring nations and does not need the bad example of Italy.”

The “One of Us” Committee has been harshly criticized for an anti-abortion campaign they ran earlier. Posters scattered around town depicted a boy with Down syndrome and a caption, “I am an anomaly, therefore I have fewer rights than you? Vote no!”

Priest Gabriele Mangiorotti, a parish priest in the center of the country, said that “killing a child is a serious act, a crime” and added that he considers it a betrayal if abortion is legalized in San Marino because the country was founded by a saint and therefore has a Christian presence in its DNA.” (FM)

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Compiled by Sarah Gangl

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