Saint Pacificus, the saint who became lame, deaf, blind, but with all his mystical gifts

Saint Pacificus is a soul in which resignation shines, with the presence of God. He can be the patron saint of all our health problems.

st pacificus

Newsroom (September 24, 2020 12:10 pm Gaudium Press) Saint Pacificus of San Severino is named so because he was born in San Severino, Italy, on March 1, 1653.

When he was very young, he came under the care of his maternal uncle, who was archdeacon of the Cathedral, so he had a religious formation.

He entered the Order of the Reformed Franciscans in Forano and became a priest on June 4, 1678.

They chose him to teach philosophy to his younger brothers, a job he performed zealously for three years. Then he left as a missionary in the surrounding area.

Saint Pacificus received great mystical gifts: visions, the spirit of prophecy, ecstasy, and the power to perform miracles. He predicted an earthquake in 1703 and the victory of Charles VI over the Turks in 1717. People started commenting on all of this.

But God wanted to test him rigorously on his health, and he became lame, lost his hearing, and became blind. This, nevertheless, favored his dedication to prayer and contemplation.

He became an expiatory victim due to his bad health. As his illness progressed, his physical conditions prevented him from performing any sacred ministry, celebrating mass, confessing, even participating in community life. But his mystical gifts continued to reveal wonders.

Even amid prostration, he kept the post of Guardian of the monastery.

He died on September 24, 1721. A sanctuary was built next to his convent in San Severino, where his remains repose in peace.

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Gregory XVI canonized him.

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